Social Systems Intelligence

The human terrain is a construct of complex interactions; a matrix of practically incalculable interrelationships that form dynamic social systems to shape our perception of reality and impact our posture and attitude toward the world and our shared experience.

A responsible approach to the study & application of advanced research to the pressing societal problems of our age must seek to understand the extensive intricacies inherent to human social systems, whether they be found and expressed through pre-staged digital networks, organically coalesce in neighborhoods and communities of shared situation & circumstance, whether their bonds are ephemeral, hard to decipher, difficult to contextualize, or they are right in front of us, plain as day.

Social Systems Intelligence (SSI) as we define it here is as a center of study and practice of the Academy for the Peace & Dignity of the Commonwealth that gives focus to the development and correlation of the data & metadata that form the basis of social systems and communities for the purpose of better understanding them, how they interconnect and interrelate, their history and organization, their constituent elements, and their impacts on society, with particular attention given, as is our mission & purpose, to impacts on the peace & dignity of the commonwealth.