Policy Development

It is largely true that much if not most scientific discovery is unintended, the product of happy accidents performed on the ‘shoulders of giants.’ This may well also be indicative of all creative discovery beyond the realm of science, where we are led by the muse of our imagination to consider new ideas, new ways of thinking about a problem, and to articulate new concepts, building upon what we knew before to be true, and beautiful, and good.

Luck favors the prepared. To best capture a practical & creative solution and transform it into a readily applied policy prescription requires a disciplined approach to create a carefully considered, timely, and well crafted, precise translation into the rhetorically styled prose of policy.

As a center of study & practice, Policy Development (PD) internally undertakes to coordinate with the other centers to recognize and identify standout opportunities from within the work of Academy programs & projects that would constitute a welcome departure from existing, standard, prevalent, contemporary policy prescriptions, and works to author and advance them in an apolitical, nonpartisan manner, to advance the common good to the benefit of society.

Externally, Policy Development (PD) seeks out only the most egregious & pernicious problem sets in public & private sector policy, particularly where there is general agreement a given existing policy or set of policies are inadequate or unsound, and most especially where the outcome of a given policy is shown to be notably harmful or perversely the inverse of the stated desired effect of the policymaker, yet remains in force.