Cultural Affairs

As a nation and as a people, America engages the world and is born of it. As a new nation, the very idea and precepts of the United States of America stood as a provocation. Notions we today take for granted were received in many quarters of the world then as radical. America was a disruptive force in the business of governing and governments.

This wave of American inspired contemplative, metaphysical introspection was not limited solely to the affairs of state. America presented for many a cultural dilemma that challenged normative worldviews extending beyond the intricacies of institutional constructs and governing bodies. The American Spirit, a well developed positive outlook focused on revealing & actualizing endless possibilities resulting from the empowering freedom America attained in a New World of seemingly endless natural resources and evidenced by American ingenuity and prosperity, generated a contagious optimism that captured the imagination of peoples the world over.

American enterprise in commerce and trade and also in promoting democratic institutions, peace, and prosperity beyond her borders through not only a diplomatic corps but more so by the interactions of private citizens created a network of relationships around the world tied to an American idea.

The influx of immigrants from every continent, their integration into American society, and the evolution of American culture by the incorporation of compatible traditions into the American story and family created a sympathetic identity mirroring in some aspect, every people and every culture in the world.

In this sense, apart from foreign affairs & foreign policy, America as a people and as a culture has a certain connection and relationship to the peoples and cultures of the world, apart from their governments, and at times, in spite of them.

The Cultural Affairs center of study and practice looks to intercultural and intracultural relationships, with focus to the concepts that underlie American government and where and how they intersect with and impact other cultures.