Arts & Humanities

Self expression and the sympathetic or empathetic posture of appreciation for the experiences and creative exercise of others is part of the fullness of liberty. Free to be human beings, we band together to form communities of shared experience and relate to one another out of our internal individuality to form bonds of relationship. We are social. We are by nature participatory. Even the hermit, the extreme introvert, relates in a social context to the broader society.

We are rational and emotional. We are imperfect and prone to fail, yet we adore and aspire to the perseverance to endure and overcome hardship to excel. We are curious and searching, yet we revel in simplicity and esteem achieving a life of ease. We extol peace, love, virtue, and honor yet we are capable of the most craven brutalities against our own kind.

The human condition is complex. Art, raw or refined, reflects the many facets of humanity.

Arts & Humanities, as a center of study and practice, is chiefly concerned with the study of arts & letters that have most contributed to the peace & dignity of our way of life.