PeaceForge is a project of Academy for the Peace & Dignity of the Commonwealth, a Virginia nonstock, tax exempt 501c3 nonprofit corporation.

PeaceForge conveys that an authentic peace is forged in freedom, in full recognition of the rights, privileges, and dignities of the human person. True peace is not derived from fear or by succumbing to an aggressor to acquiesce to avoid conflict by appeasement; true peace is not merely the absence of war.

An authentic peace is hard won, earned by the yeoman’s work of building up society from the smallest, most local & intimate, at the level of fellow citizen, friend & family, on up to the largest, in the form of whole peoples, nation states, and the international community.

An authentic, strong, and enduring peace is only ever forged by advancing and adhering to principles that honor & respect the inherent dignity of the human person.